Thursday, October 7, 2010

Saving a stained shirt

Stains are a natural fact of Parenthood, I'm pretty sure that every article of clothing that's in my girls' drawer at one time or another was stained. I've gotten good at taking them out, Damn good infact. The issue is, Every once in a while one slips by and goes through the washer and dryer without me noticing it. Set in Stains Suck! 

Over the past few days Dan and I have been doing a seasonal closet clean out for the girls, Packing away the too small, tossing away the ruined. I found two white shirts with stains and remembered this tutorial I had read a long time ago.
The worse of the two shirts I used as my ruffles, I cut the back of the shirt into 1"(approx)  thick strips. I ran them through my Machine on the widest stitch (bast) setting I have, You Can do this entire project by hand!

Then I grabbed one of the threads and started bunching

Here they are all layed out ready to sew onto the shirt

 I  arranged them how I liked and sewed them on with my machine, again, this Can be done by hand!

For the flower on the collar I cut a 1/2" piece of jersey and pulled it, which caused the ends to curl, than used the same technique to ruffle a strip and rolled it up into the flower shape and stitched it onto the shirt!

This is what Annalilia looks like when she's really PO'd
C'est Fini

As always if you do this project PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me Pictures and let me know how it went!


  1. this looks super cute, but i can't picture the finished product. do you happen to have a shot of the whole thing?

  2. Sorry about that Kristel, Annalilia was napping while I made the shirt and posted the Tut, I took these as soon as she woke up. Hence the super cranky Screaming at Mommy picture.

  3. haha, i love it! -- her expression, the fact that you took her photo then, and the shirt!!! thanks!

  4. I love reading this and seeing the pictures of the process - so much fun and it looks good too. The ticked off Annalilia photo just added to the whole ambience of reality.

  5. That unhappy photo of Lilybug reminds me of a certain little sister I have and the faces she used to pull when things didn't go her way! The shirt is super cute and a good solution to "ruined" shirts.