Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My New Drug of Choice

.... Applique! For the first time Ever I appliqued, It's SO easy. Why on earth haven't my girls been wearing appliqued clothes everyday of their lives, it's so easy, it's so cheap (inexpensive ;-D), and it's Gorgeous!
 The goal of this was to make a 'tie shirt' for Beckam, Dan's friend's new baby boy. So I started Googling for a good tutorial, there were Tonnes, My favourite being this.  I went to Fabricland in search of Wonder-Under, the magic fusible web... they didn't have it, so I dug through the disorganized stacks of random interfacing I found Lite Steam-A-Seam 2. It's really thin and doesn't make a rigid shirt, perfect for baby clothes! My printer isn't hooked up since D just finished rebuilding our PC so I drew my designs to look pretty much exactly the same as these patterns.
First, Draw out the design on the Steam-A-Seams tracing paper, the side that is stuck to the web, roughly cut out. Iron, web side down to the wrong side of the fabric. Cut through all three layers (tracing paper, web, fabric), now is the time to be particular! When the design is cut out to your liking remove the tracing paper and place web side down on your onesie or shirt, Iron on playing particular care to the edges. Now you can leave it as is, or sew around the edges. I chose to machine sew 1mm in from the edge, this will keep the edges from curling after repeat washes. You can also Hand stitch, or do a back stitch using an embroidery thread. And last but not least, Oogle it's Adorableness!

If you try, Please Please Please Send me pictures and tell me what you made.


  1. i never would have thought this would be so easy! do you think that wonder-under would/could be better, or are you perfectly happy with the one you got in the end? i really want to try this!

  2. I think that the Steam-A-Seam Lite worked perfectly. What I had read was Wonder-under was better than most because it was thin. Which this lite version is too. I am completely satisfied with it but wouldn't want to use the regular thick version for a baby, I'd be worried about it being too rigid and uncomfortable. Let me know how it goes and send pics ;-D

  3. Thanks Sasha! It was fun to do. If you're ever stuck in Regina again maybe we can do a project ;-D

  4. That sounds great! All of your projects look amazing!