Friday, October 15, 2010

20 Min Skirt

On one of my recent trips to Fabricland I told Sophia she could pick any fabric that she liked. She came across this Valentines hearts print and fell in love. Today, after a week of non crafting I told her to pick what she wanted me to make. A shirt, a skirt, Pants, a Dress.  A skirt it was.  I dug through my bag of sewing stuff and realized I didn't have any elastic. I did however have some brown ribbon, Left over from my Hanging wreath for Foster's room. A tie it is. Depending on how this works out I may go buy some elastic and just replace the ribbon. 
 I compared the fabric to Sophia's length, and decided I wanted the skirt to hit just below her knee, appropriate for winter with tights, and by summer she'll be a few inches taller and it will be a cute summery skirt. I measured how long I wanted it to be, and added 2 1/2" for seams.
Don't mind the Jammies
Because I was doing the ribbon I needed the ends to be finished So starting with the wide part of the fabric I rolled the seam 1/4" and sewed
Here I have both ends done to show you what I mean

Now it's time to make the casing for the ribbon. I turned in the salvage edge approx 1/4" than left a 2" pocket for the Ribbon to slip through.

Ribbon casing is done.

Now I'm hemming the bottom, 1/4" seam

Now bring the edges together and sew up the side, remembering not to close the casing where the ribbon will go.

Add the ribbon and try it on your cranky model.

 As always if you try this Please Please Please send me pictures  and let me know how it went.
Comments are always appreciated.


  1. Oh my goodness that is such a cute skirt. Did it actually take only 20 minutes? I might be forced back to sewing for this!
    As always this is awesome to read,
    your biggest fan

  2. It really did only take 20 M but I think that's because I don't actually measure anything, I just sort of fold and cut. But it's really quick and simple. And I got that fabric on clearance for $2 a yard, so it's not bad for a buck.

  3. i love that you did that with her, what a great activity for a child! and for her to be able to have involvement and decide what she'll wear... i think it's great.