Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Crate Shelf

What we wanted was to lift our  printer up out of reach of little sticky fingers. We have found legos, bottles, licorice babies, Raisins (that were inserted as grapes) and more in our printer. Plus we want to get rid of the broken old filing cabinet that it's been sitting on.Our first stop was to check out a great website Ana-white.com. If you ever want to build some furniture than you must have her website bookmarked. We decided on a wooden pallet shelf, and changed it a bit to fit on our narrow wall, and didn't want it to be too tall since it's just going to hold our paper  Check out this Pottery Barn version. Since we just finished our deck we have about 40 pieces of approximately 1x6x 24" boards so it was perfect. You can make this out of a recycled pallet! It's rustically adorable. The total cost for us was $8 for a can of stain/varathane, as everything else was on hand.

What we needed:
4 - 1x6x 12"
6 - 1x6x 17"
4 - 1x2x 12"
Approx 60 1" finishing nails
16 - 1" screws
 8 - 2" dry wall or wood screws
electric drill with bit
wood glue
countersink punch

Cut and Sanded

We used Minwax Bombay Mahogany

Apply 2 coats with a light sanding in between.

PreDrill your nail holes to prevent cracking

Wood Glue all seams

Countersink finishing nails with a punch

Build two squares, Add boards to back panel
Add 1x2 supports to attach the two squares together  using the 1" screws

Use the 8 - 2" screws to attach to the wall into a stud.

If you decide to tackle this project Please Please Please send me pictures.


  1. so impressive! you're so productive!!

  2. Nice, I am not tempted - but Keith read this and thought it was great.

  3. Well it worked perfectly for us since we have a huge stack of 1x6" cut offs in our yard. I really want to build more of these, put some little sliders on the bottom (back that's on the wall) and make a padded lid for it, It would make a perfect little foot stool, storage compartment.