Sunday, October 10, 2010


Hardwork; As defined by Sophia, An act in which a person (often referring to Mom or Dad) is building or creating something. IE Good Hardwork Mommy, You's a good pie baker. Or Good Hardwork Daddy, You's a good woods painter.

This weekend was full of Hardwork. We're rounding the finish line on building our deck. This weekend we Sanded and painted the deck rails, and Last night Dan started installing them. WoHoo! I helped as much as I could, but I was busy for most of the day baking. I took a break to help rake, and paint the rails.

We got a well deserved Break last night, our Good Friends Brad and Lynette came baring a milk steamer and we watched a show and drank some delicious London Fog! It was fantastic!

The Stairs and rails are on!

With Flash to illustrate how dusty it was out there

Annalilia's doing Hardwork too!

40 Boards to go ;-D

Sophia's doing hardwork too!

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  1. Amazing all the hardwork that goes on at that house! Sophia "nailed it" figuratively speaking. I don't actually do any of this hardwork anymore, but I sure used to. Sophia your Momma told me that she could do hardwork back when she was almost as small as Annalilia. Oh how I love this website.