Friday, October 15, 2010

Cutest freaking wreath ever!

I mean ugh, I made a modest wreath that I am pleased with.
When my sister was pregnant I had to figure out what to give her son Foster as a baby present and found this tutorial for a wreath, Jacinda at Prudent Baby, had put a little owl stuffie on the wreath and I thought it was too cute for words. I set out to remake the wreath but as always changed it a bit to make it mine. At the time I had no idea I would one day be blogging so there are no 'in progress' shots of it, We'll have to settle for as much detail as I can provide.

I picked out the colours based on Baby Foster's room Decor and ended up with 5 different colours; one of which is for the owl itself. You can use as few, or as many as you'd like. I want to do a Christmas version of this in silver, and blue (Perhaps I should celebrate Hanukkah, it has a much nicer colour scheme than Christmas) To start off I did a chain 20, turn, chain 1, single crochet 20, turn, chain 1... etc.

Here's a lesson on how to do a single crochet

I switched out the colours randomly. If your yarn is all the same weight then it will have a nice straight line, since I used yarns of different sizes it's quite wavey, but it's the back. Who cares! Keep going until you have enough to wrap around your wreath form. I don't remember the size of wreath form I bought, It was from Michaels and cost $6.99. Once you have a length of crochet long enough to wrap your form than crochet the two ends together, and hand sew, or do a single crochet, looping through both ends of the wreath cover to stretch it and pull it together along the back. Overall this process took about an hour to do. Nice and simple. You can leave it like this, You can add some feathers or flowers, a bow, or Seasonal ornaments.
 I decided to make an amigurami owl to put on top. I followed this pattern

If you try this Please Please Please send me a picture, I want to see how it turned out.
I appreciate comments. Thanks for checking it out.


  1. Foster will love his wreath if he every sleeps in his own room! It matches the room so well. I will send you a photo once we finally have it in presenable order. (hopefully within the next couple weeks, it's long overdue!)

  2. oh I would love to see it. Definitely do send me a picture when it's ready. And I don't think the girls room has ever been presentable. It's just a mass of clothes and stuffed animals.