Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy ThanksGiving!

I am Thankful for My Family
Daniel - For being unconditionally loving and Supportive
Sophia - For the hilarious antics,That I get to watch you grow and learn, the cuddles, and the love. and for teaching me to be a  more patient person
Annalilia -  For the entertainment, endless cuddles, kisses, and for being the sweetest little baby
My parents -  For Supporting me, accepting my faults and teaching me from my mistakes.
My siblings - Each of you are a part of my life in a varying way, but you have all shaped me to the person I am. Thank you for the friendship.
My Extended family - Abundant and far spread, I have been blessed with every moment I've been able to spend with you all.  I'm Thankful that another year has come and gone and all are alive and well (Laurie you scared the crap out of us!).

I am Thankful for my Friends
New and old You have made an impact on my life and without you I wouldn't be me.

I am Thankful For my Lifestyle
I am ever Grateful that I live in such an amazing Country, I am blessed with an abundance of food, water, clothing, Education, and health care. I have the Opportunity  to choose my sexuality, religion, and make my own opinions. I have a home, that although frustrates me at times, keeps my family warm and safe, we have luxuries like a Television, Computers, Cell phones, Pillow top mattresses, air conditioning, Jacuzzi bath tub etc. I am truly blessed and need to realize it more often!


  1. We needed you for our thankfulness tradition at dinner today. We ended with Claire "I'm thankful I'm last so it means I can eat food now." I am thankful Grandpa sent us home with his Singer featherweight to use so I can do some sewing!

  2. That's Exciting!!!! That's what I use. A Singer Featherweight, the Centennial Gold edition. Grandpa gave it to me for my birthday years ago. I love it. I at times want to update it for a fancy dancy machine that does design stitches etc. But this works so good, and is nice to tuck away, under my shelf lamp when I'm not using it.