Friday, October 22, 2010

Paper Pumpkins

I'm not "all about Halloween" but I want it to be fun for the girls so I decided that Sophia and I would decorate a bit. The goal was to spend $0 and have Sophia fully involved. We traced the lid from our animal Crackers bin and Sophia and I cut out Orange circles for our pumpkins, Next we cut little stems and faces out of Green and black, and start sticking them on. we used double sided tape because I couldn't find the glue stick. Sophia got pretty inventive with some of her pumpkin faces, and named them all.
Princess Larvie:    I cut most of the features since Sophia cut her black paper into long thin strips


Ifem, but I call him Emo

Fraoma, she has a mustache

Ima, the Girlfriend and Mustache boy, the boyfriend. They have legs so they can walk, and go on a date.
Sophia made Mustache boy all by herself, he's my favourite!.

Fazha - he must be dutch, das is veird yah?



We rolled out a ribbon and stapled the pumpkin on, hiding  them behind Eyes.

All strung up.
If you make some paper crafts send me pictures and let me know how it goes, I love Ideas.


  1. CUTEST EVER! I love the names. So funny!

  2. PS. Davis thinks mustache boy looks like a bum.

  3. Thanks guys, they were fun to make. It was nice to sit down and visit with Sophia, one on one time is hard to come by these days.

  4. Oh Katie, I love the Emo and the Girlfriend - best punkins ever!!!!
    Who knows eventually I may get inspired and actually do this stuff. You are the goods kid.
    your biggest fan