Monday, October 25, 2010

Jack - O - Lanterns

Saturday night was spent elbow deep in guts. It was a blast. Here's the pictures.
4 big Pumpkins, and two pumpkin carving kits

Buggy pumpkin climbing

I was attempting to roll out the plastic table cloth on the floor but she kept grabbing it and rolling up, so we had to tape it to the floor.... Boo Tape marks on the hardwood :'-(

"Nothing like the smell of Mutant Pumpkin guts in the morning" - General W. R. Monger, Monsters VS Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins From Outer Space

Watching Igor and scooping guts.

I was almost positive we would be taking a little finger to the hospital in a ziploc baggy.

I'm working on Annalilia's pumpkin

Dan was Really Ambitious! Can you tell he's a Fallout geek?

Sophia's pumpkin

Mine too, can you see my owl design?

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Daniel is cutting outlines

and chiseling away at his pumpkin

Thank Goodness for dollar store table cloths

hours later and Daniel is still at it.

Ey oh!

Sophia's Mustache Boy 2.0

Thanks for Checking out our pumpkins, we had lots of fun, and it looks pretty Darn good if I say so Myself.

****EDIT, My cousin Asked for the picture Daniel used to make his Fallout 'Vault boy' with. He used this picture, the Black lines were left skin, and the rest was dug down in the pumpkin, 1/8" for the darker parts, pants, sweater and face. 1/4" for the lighter parts. He went right through for the mouth. It looks fantastic, but took 3-4 hours to do. We suggest using an exacto knife, the kitchen knife just didn't cut it ;-D. Melissa and Cameron, we want to see pictures of how it turns out!****


  1. these are adorable! love the owl!

  2. I love these pumpkins, I should fly you in to carve the 5 big pumpkins out front of our house - that will probably remain intake (unless a miracle takes place). The owl is so beautiful. Have fun tomorrow.
    Mom again.