Monday, October 18, 2010

My Weekend

Daniel and I had a few goals set for ourselves this weekend:
  • Move the city meter and water line
  • Move the washer and dryer
  • Demolish the shelving units, and last wall in the basement
  • Get the last of the boxes and tools out of the basement
  • pull up carpet from basement
  • Put baseboards in the kitchen
  • Sand and put second coat of paint on cupboard doors
What actually got accomplished this weekend:
  • Moved the city meter and waterline; much easier said than done. MUCH! The city line was a weird combination of 3/4" and 1/2" copper and Iron piping, and it was bent and the shut off valve was leaking... OH JOY! So after a few trips for different parts and valves Daniel was able to get it done. It looks remarkable, He even let me head over to Lynette's house for a partylite party while he finished up. Gosh I love him.
  •  Move the Washer and dryer; easy to do, it's jut making them function in the new place that is difficult. It started with me running into work to buy a flexible dryer hose. Well I should have known better because I ended up working for 2 1/2hrs. Then we had to move all of the plumbing, and replace a lot of the 57 year old pipes, and the shut off valves that snapped off. Next, we had to move the drain pipe, the vent for the dryer, and the 110 and 220 outlets to plug it all in... Getting exhausted!
  • Demo the shelves and last bit of wall; Check! That was easy, well for me. I got to stand back and watch. Good job Daniel ;-D
  • Redo all of the plumbing under our kitchen sink, and replace the faucet... Wait, Wait, Wait, that wasn't on our check list.   It was just an unfortunate side affect of the rest of our plumbing. For several months when we shut the water off in our kitchen sink we could hear the ting ting ting of a small hunk of calcium, clanging around in the pipes, and after we had the water off all day on Saturday It seemed to have gotten itself jammed in the pipes under the sink, So unless I wanted a slow trickle, like a water fountain, for pressure, than it too would have to be replaced. That seemed simple enough, replace the taps, and plumbing, easy for a super handyman, and his trusty assistant, right? Hmm... not really. Removing 57 year old rusty, calcium crusted, disgusting taps, Not so easy. That alone took us several hours, Including a trip to Home Depot, PLAN B a new sink because I was just sick and tired of dealing with it. Surprise surprise, like everything else in our house it was an odd size so it either meant a new counter top, or a special order, several hundred dollar sink... Back to plan A it is. After home depot (new 5:00pm on Sunday) I ran over to TJ's to grab some pizza for supper, and surprise surprise, My car won't start... :'-( REALLY! My car won't start well $#!%. Now I'm stranded with rapidly cooling pizza on the opposite end of the city as my husband. After a few curses at ol' Rexy, She started and off we went, heading right into Rider territory, just as the game let out. If you've ever been near Taylor Field after a football game, I commend you for your patience. I didn't have any left at this point,  as I rolled a foot at a time, in my little standard car, never fully removing my foot of the clutch before needing to break. I nearly started crying. It took me over 30 Min to move 10 blocks... WAH! Home at last, time for some pizza and Mythbusters... Ahh, it's bed time right? Oh, right! No water. No sink. No way Jose. So I coerced my Pops (Please Daddy!) to come over and help get the taps off. Which took Daniel and myself holding the sink down, and a torch, a wrench, and my Dad. (A semi Mechanic who has removed plenty of stuck nuts before). FINALLY!!!! after half a day of trying to remove these things their gone! So the rest was pretty simple, sand off the rust and calcium build up, caulk the sink on, caulk the taps on, do all the bolts, hook up the taps. Whoops a leak, shut the water off again, take the pipes off, re solder the shut off valve... PHEW, (Daniel dropped a burning pipe on his hand) no more leaks, reattach everything. Voila. Ahh, it's bed time right? Oh, right, the tools, the pipes, the buckets of stinky water... WAH! It's time to clean.

The dreaded basement. In a few weeks it will have new walls

So 3(+ an extra) /7 items on our to do list got done. What an annoying weekend we had.

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  1. your rate of productivity really does make me feel bad about myself.