Monday, November 1, 2010

C'est L'Halloween

Sophia's Cinderella - Uncle Brad's CBR Pumpkin- My ghosty pumpkin

and Dan, Still hard at work!

His new fallout pumpkin

the back of Brads CBR - The back of my ghost

Wearing the tutu I made, and her ruffle shirt


Princess Sophia, wearing the Tutu I made, and her table cloth dress

I went as myself ;-D

Gift bag from Uncle Brad, if you have any little people in your life, Please do this! Way better than bringing over more Candy. they got Yop, juice, fruit, banana chips, pepperoni snacks, lots of granola bars, and trick-or-treat bags

Thanks Uncle Brad!!!

Off we go


  1. The pics are so great. It was lovely to skype with you guys for a bit last night. I think Dan might have a future as a pumpkin carver! So sweet of Brad to put together those little goody bags for the girls.

  2. what Kristy said - plus - the Riders emblem on the pumpkin was amazing. Smart goodie bag Uncle Brad!