Monday, November 15, 2010

Snowman painting

As I previously mentioned here I have a whole bunch of 1x 6 wood lying around. Sophia was working on painting her little clay car So I ran outside and grabbed a piece of wood off of the pile, gave it a quick sanding. And started painting
She wouldn't let me take a picture of her but here's a sneaky one.
Sophia's very colourful Car
I started by pouring lots of white, blues, purple, and yellow and started mixing,
I blended left to right across the wood for the sky, and down like a hill for the back ground,

Using a greyish blue I outlined a snowman

Then left it to dry

This is how Sophia's car turned out. She decided on doing all green

A few days later when Inspiration hit I went over my Snowman with white, allowing the greyblue to show through, I added arms, shadowing int the elbow crooks, and added mittens. I painted rosey cheeks and a carrot nose and drew eyes and mouth with a sharpie. I think it turned out really cute! Sorry I don't have pictures of my second night of painting. I was being lazy ;-D. I will definitely be making more of these~

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  1. That is perfect Katie, I SO want one!
    Love that you take the time to post your projects.