Monday, November 15, 2010

Some pics of the basement!

Bottom of the stairs pre any work being done. Also where we found bags of weed and cocaine

behind where the washer and dryer sat, before any work was done

front corner of the house the construction workers had all ready started bringing stuff in when this pic was taken

one of the two windows on the South side of our house

Our old stairs

From the top looking down

beams and rebar going up

they had to cut some of the cinderblocks because they stuck out too far

south wall

North corner, front of the house

Our stairs now! They're sideways and you need to climb it like a ladder, And see that chair post going through the centre of the stair well? Yeah, we have to build the new stairs around that. Not so much fun!

View from the other side. If we put the old stairs back how they were you'd smack your shin on that bar when you hit the 4th or 5th step :'-(

North wall front of the house, they have the beams up outside the form to hold the weight of concrete
They Poured the cement today!!! Now all we need to do is wait for the cement to set, then the crew will come back and take the forms away! Voila, no more crumbling walls :-D

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  1. Okay, my stupid question is... are the bars in front of the windows part of the forms? Are they gone now?
    It looks great and now no more falling down house - yay!!!!
    Proud of you,