Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's Been a Week, Sorry Guys

I apologize for my week of  no posts, It's been busy! The guys are working on our basement, a smelly, loud, irritating endeavor. I have done a small bit of crocheting. It's Christmas presents though, so no tutorials, Yet! I'm about to start working on a bubble dress that I found here. So hopefully I'll be energized enough to get it finished today!
Check out the blogs that I have in my Bookmarks toolbar, I check them everyday.
This is probably my all time favourite website, they've been really busy in the last month with Jaime (one of the writers) just released a book, and Jacinda (the other writer) very pregnant with her third baby, but check out the archives. It's incredible!!!
This website links to tutorials from all different websites, it's a great site to browse if you're looking for that great idea.
A fellow canadian, and busy mom has some fantastic ideas.
If I need a good laugh I just check this site out.

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  1. The links didn't work on here. I got you a present. It will be arriving with Keither!