Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rag Doll

I made a rag doll, she looks a little goofy, and I haven't painted her face yet, but it was really simple, and the girls love it.

What I used:
  • Skin toned fabric
  • Colourful cotton for dress
  • colourful cotton for leggings
  • felt for hair
  • fiber fill
  • Lots of Pins
  • Thread that matches the hair
  • Sewing machine
I got the idea for this off of the Martha Stewart Website There is an awesome tutorial and pattern, unfortunately for some buggy reason my computer won't let me open the files, so I just made it up as I went, it's not quite as cute so if you want to make one I suggest following the pattern.

I started off by cutting my Head pieces, 1 skin coloured circle for the face, 1 felt circle for the back of the head, and  hair to frame the face. I also lined the back of my head with fabric because I used cheap thin felt.

I sewed the hair to the face using a matching thread, and also cut 4 tear drop shapes out of the hair felt, added a small bit of fiber fill and stitched around the edge to make piggy tails. And sewed the dress rectangles onto the heads, Right sides facing.

I sewed long tubes for arms out of the beige, and long hockey stick shaped tubes out of my legging material. Turned them right side out, stuffed with fiber fill

I pinned the Arms, legs, and piggy tails to the right side of the doll

And then sandwiched them with the top piece of the dolls body

Pin all the way around making sure that the ends of the arms, legs and tails are in the seam, and the tips of the fingers and toes aren't going to get sewn in.

Start sewing above one piggy tail, back stitching at the beginning, and finish just past the second piggy tail, back stitching at the end as well. This will leave an opening of 2-3".

Ensure that all the edges are sealed, double check the neck, it took me a second shot to seal the head to the dress. Reach through the opening at the head, grab Dolly's feet and pull her right side out.

Stuff her full of fiber fill, or add some rice to her bum to weight her down, Pin the top of her head shut and whip stitch closed.

I haven't made a trip to Michaels yet to get some Fabric Paint medium, but I plan on painting her face on. I also have a doll I made before this one, she's even goofier looking, but once I paint their faces I promise to put some pictures up.


  1. Eeek! SO cute! I've seen dolls with faces drawn on many different ways. Check out Etsy for some ideas other than fabric paint. If you do want to use fabric paint I highly recommend grabbing some freezer paper too so you can do it stenciling style just to make sure you get nice crisp lines.

  2. Marketable Katie, have you done the faces yet?