Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Christmas

Well this year was pretty slow paced compared to our Usual Christmas ordeal.
On Christmas eve we went to Daniel's Parents house for our traditional, board games, Munchies, and Presents. I was just feeling awful, and the kids cranky so we stayed home and had a long nap.  As we drove there, on the ring road a truck in front of us had a shelving unit fly out of the back of his truck and smash into my car... :'-( My poor precious car. Now I have a hole in my bumper, and slices of wooden slivers in my Fog light. It was a Christmas Miracle (or a bad sign for my car???!) That the airbags didn't go off in my face. We were traveling 130 km/ hour and it hit on the front passenger side of the bumper. We were late, and now Cranky, oh my. And although we quit the game before we were done I definitely spanked everyone in a game of Monopoly (Isn't that Right Dan? ;-D) Then we opened our presents. The girls got matching rocking chairs with their names inscribed on the backs, Sophia got a baby Alive, and a light up tracing/ colouring table. And they both got lots of clothes. It wasn't until about Midnight before we finally lugged our tired butts home. We had to finish up assembling the girls Cradles that we made them for Christmas. Talk about procrastination, we were working on them until 2am. 5 hours before they opened them... Oh dear. Christmas Morning My Daddy, his wife, and my brother Brad came over to open presents. We got Dad a Roomba, Brad a new watch, Daniel got a new surround sound, a new sub for his car. Some tools, and money to go buy an amp on boxing day deals. I got Spoiled rotten this year. Daniel got me this bad boy:
Bradley got me a coffee maker, and this attachment:
My In laws, and Daniel went together for my sweetest present eva:
EEEEIIII!!!!! I haven't even received it yet, it was special order, but I'm all ready tingling waiting to get my fingers on it.
I also got really generous gift cards, Pajamas, Christmas socks, Beautiful earings, a calendar and more.
It's nice to be blessed with a loving Family.

Our usual Christmas day usual consists of a trip to Moose Jaw to see Daniel's Grandparents, then a rush back home to be with my Westendorp (fathers side) family for a big Christmas celebration, Which is usually 40-50+ strong and held in either my one Aunts restaurant, or my other Aunts warehouse. Non of that this year. I spent the day cleaning (We ended up with an entire deck covered in garbage, barbie boxes, baby doll boxes, stand mixer boxes, bags full of wrapping paper. I felt SO wasteful that day. Maybe next time I'll have to make cloth bags if I'm feeling ambitious), and cuddling with my Honey.  Brad returned after his adventure snowmobiling, and we made Ham, Potatoes, Perogies, Brussels sprouts (yum), corn, and APPLE BAR!!! A family favourite dessert, and I got to make the dough in my new mixer. Add in some trailer trash wine (aka Arbour Mist delish) and Caesars and we had a really nice evening... Oh did I mention I had to work Boxing day at 5 AM?!

 What did you do for Christmas?


  1. Loved the Christmas blog Katie. It is so wonderful that you have all these things documented. What an awesome looking sewing machine! Glad you had a good Christmas and sorry about your car.
    Love Mom

  2. so, we're all waiting to hear what you're up to!!