Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Baking - Cake Pops

 Simple, cute... And a great way to rescue a flopped cake.
These are Daniels Favourite, and on his request list for Baking this year. It's really simple, easy to personalize, and kids go nuts for them (They seem to like anything that's on a stick).
Start off with a Cake, and start breaking and crumbling it up, Mix in your favourite frosting, or filling. I used Raspberry filling, and a butter cream frosting for this one. I whipped it all together with my hand mixer until it was sticking together, and easy to form into balls. Then Sophia and I got rolling, We rolled Tbsp sized Balls and put them in the fridge to chill. The next day (because that's when I had time, they do not have to sit in the fridge overnight) I warmed some white chocolate (full box of bakers chocolate, 8oz squares) in a cup, and added a tsp of oil to it to thin it out. A cup works really well because it keeps the chocolate level high and is great for dipping. I dipped the sticks in the chocolate, got about 1" of it coated, then pressed it into the cake ball, and dipped that in the cup of chocolate. If you want them to be precise balls with a smooth coating than stand them upright in a floral foam, or some sort of Styrofoam while they harden. I did that the first time, and it didn't seem worth my while. So I just plop them upside down on a wax paper lined cookie sheet. Then I drizzled them with some semi sweet chocolate... DELISH!!!

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