Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Jammies

One of my Families Traditions was on Christmas eve we'd open one present, a pair of Pajamas. Something nice, warm, and Christmasy. I've been continuing this tradition with my daughters.

 Sophia and I Christmas Eve 2007 In Christmas Jammies
Christmas Morning 2008. With Uncle Brad and Puppy Bella
Annalilia and Sophia Christmas Eve 2009. 
This year I got brave and decided to sew them myself. This was my first time making pants, It was far easier than I had ever expected.
I took a pair of Pants that fit Annalilia Really well, They're a bit too short, but The legs and waist are perfect

With the front of the pants on a fold I cut 2 pieces, folded right sides together and stitched up the leg, stopping at the crotch.
Turn 1 leg right side out, and stuff it inside the other leg,
Sew along the inseam

Unfold the legs from each other,  Double fold a casing for the elastic band to slide into. Remember to leave an opening. I also double stitched the crotch by ironing the fold open, and sewing 1/4 inch away from the seam. 
I hemed the pants, (A little too short I think... Whoopsies) and Appliqued a little matching top. I am not a pattern follower and The only shirts I know how to make aren't exactly jammies, So I opted for a plain $5 t shirt that I dressed up with Scraps. I love the way It looks and even if It makes it for 1 night it will be worth my time. 

And a pair for Sophia. They're Cute, and Similar, without matching, And the girls each picked out their own Fabric for them. Too cute, right?


  1. Aw man I wish you live closer cuz' you could totally use my serger! (If I ever figure out how to thread it.) The pajamas are adorable! You should make some for yourself too.

    (Ugh. This is Kristy not Davis but I'm not signing out and signing in again.)

  2. Katie you are triple amazing! Just imagine Kristy, I am always Keith on Katie's thing (is that weird for you guys). I am too old to figure it out or maybe even care.

  3. Awesome tute. I have actually been wanting to make pants but so intimidated and keep sticking with dresses.
    Thanks for the inspiration and tute!

  4. Thanks guys. Although it took my two weeks to make the two pairs of pants it actually only took about 10Min of cutting, and 25min of sewing. I just have to work in tiny windows of time. It doesn't help that I have to set up and tear down my sewing station every time I work on a project. I'm going to need a craft table when we redo our basement (Is it just me or did that sentence just make me sound like an old lady?). Give it a try Annchan. It was really simple to do. Just make sure if you're using pants with a waist band for the pattern that you stretch it out. and leave lots of seam allowance. Better too big than too small ;-) Good luck. And send me a picture when you're done.