Monday, February 28, 2011

Dolly Cribs

Well, they're 1 part Doll Crib, and 1 part Toy boxes because at the end of the night 4 dolls, and a bunch of teddy bears get piled in them.
 What I used.
2- 2x10x 12"
4- 2x6x 17"
2- 6" scraps of door jamb; or any scrap of wood 1" thick, 6" long

I decided to make the crib 17" long in case we ever get into American girl, or any full sized dollys

 I topped it off with a little pillow, and mattress pad I made from some cotton batting. It's used everyday. Annalilia likes to sit inside it. Sophia likes to play mommy to her baby horse; it's kind of creepy!

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