Friday, September 30, 2011

Girls Bed

Searching we found this bed  we <3. Previously We had a hand-me-down queen sized bed given to us by our in-laws. It was huge, and uncomfortable and not nearly as cute. Pottery Barn is wonderful to look at but until I win the lottery there's no way I'm spending $1700 on a bed for a 4 year old. This is where Ana white steps in we found a tutorial to build that very bed. We made a few small tweaks to make it our style, and allowed Daniel to play with his newest toy.

 You start by making 2 boxes. We used MDF since it is going to be painted white, Instead of buying 1x12" which is hard to find and pricey

 We trimmed it out with 1x2" (ripped down from 2x3") the cheapest options.

We used Plywood for the head and foot board and stained it with left overs from redoing the hardwood.

Time to assemble. Isn't my Puppy cute?
 We used left over pieces of 1x6 left over from our deck for the slats.

Then Clamped and screwed the head and foot board on.
We left these screws exposed incase we need to disassemble it. They're hidden behind trim so they're not visible.
Now we're working on one for Annalilia.

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