Thursday, April 14, 2011

In the Bafroom - The story of my house Part III

 SO SORRY ABOUT THE AWFUL BEFORE PIC! Yeah, it's a cell phone picture, But I'm glad that we at least have that. I'm sure you can't tell, but the shower, which was 50% tub surround, 50% duct tape, had built in glass sliding doors. And your knees hit the tub when you sat on the toilet. We chose to Gut, and start fresh
Yeah, That was really nice. Chunks of lint, and cigarettes and...? I don't really want to know. Came falling out of the fan vent hose. Appealing. Who's that Man of Mystery? Daniel did So much of the work, as I was Very pregnant while this was going on. But I still take some of the credit.

Tiling; The Bath/shower walls on the Left, and the floor, and tub front on the right. We used 12x12" tiles that were only $0.69 each, and cut them down (and by We, I mean Daniel ;-D) It took so long to do, but I love the high end customized look it gave for under $100.

View from the Hallway

What do you guys think? I know it's a teeny, tiny space but I still Adore the deep chocolate brown in there.

 This is my first Completed room,
It has new dry wall, new electrical, new plumbing (We still need to replace the Stack) Tiled, painted, new light switches, and fixtures. I love it.


  1. this looks great! i love those tiles, especially.

  2. So glad to see this up, it just shows how much effort has gone into making your place cute. I love the after pics and yes thank goodness you have that cell phone picture for the before version. Love your blog